About HMS services limited

HMS services limited was formed in 1985, and has expanded year on year since starting. The company began trading from East London before expanding and moving through 3 Luton addresses including the 10,000 sq.ft headquarters located on Adelaide Street. Today the company offers a full range of services covering service maintenance, installation and commissioning in heating, ventilating, air conditioning, gas services and electrical engineering.


HMS are registered agents for Ideal Caradon Super series modular boiler as well as the full range of gas (including swimming pool boilers) and oil fired appliances. All the engineers are fully qualified to cope with the varied requirements and demands of the industry, and as technology moves on, H.M.S. has updated their equipment for gas appliances, electrical testing, water and airside commissioning and the use of lap top computers to simplify on site paperwork.


Advances in technology have meant H.M.S. have upgraded all their office equipment. With new computers, we see an increase in electronic mailing and Internet use. All administrating is done from the Luton offices and the engineers are in constant touch by mobile phones and radio pagers. Service can be obtained day or night as H.M.S. offer a 24hr cover to their clients.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually strive to be the best installation and service company in the United Kingdom for product quality and high standards of personal service, customer care and satisfaction.